Julien Pouget – Frédéric Tallet – Marianne Fontvieille – Thomas Laboureau

At the international level, 2019 will have been marked by political and economic uncertainties
that have weighed down on trade and global growth. However, some of these uncertainties
seem to be waning somewhat towards the end of the year, and fears of a global economic
downturn are easing.

Through to mid-2020, economic activity in the Eurozone is unlikely to slow down any
further or should even accelerate slightly, with domestic demand holding up. French
growth is likely to maintain its rate of around +0.3% per quarter; its overhang should
reach +0.9% by mid-2020, after +1.3% over 2019 as a whole. The unemployment rate should
remain on a downward trend and reach 8.2% by mid-2020.

Conjoncture in France

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Conjoncture in France – December 2019

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