Maersk says in is announcement: “We wanted to take advantage of the office’s inauguration and combine it with a customer appreciation event; hence, the ceremony counted with the participation of representatives of our top accounts from Chile.  Having this opportunity allowed us to show our customers our new location, and at the same time, use the event to promote the Sealand and Maersk brands. Our customers and our teams were happy to count with the participation of Sealand’s Managing Director, Craig Mygatt and Peter Corfitsen, Head of LAMLOC, who cut the inaugural-ribbon at the end of the ceremony.

The office was designed in collaboration with some of company’s team members from Sealand and LAMLOC, who participated actively in the design, colors, furniture selection, and other aspects.

“We wanted our new office to feel like home to everyone, and to provide an environment that keeps fostering closed communication, collaboration, and engagement. We also incorporated changes to the previous set up, including showers for our bikers, a fun area to enjoy together, and electric desks that allow our colleagues to work sitting down or standing up.  Additionally, we incorporated coaching rooms, booths for informal meetings, and comfortable phone booths to give us all privacy for phone calls.  All in all, our teams are happy and feel they’re being taken care of,” Maersk adds.