Ocean Network Express (ONE) initiated a Global Marine Safety and Quality Campaign during the months of September and October 2019, to reiterate marine navigation safety practices.

A month prior to the campaign, ONE’s CEO – Jeremy Nixon, chaired a ‘Marine Safety and Quality Management Conference’ for management at ONE’s global headquarters, where critical aspects of safety and quality status for ONE’s operated vessels were discussed, and priorities determined for ONE’s product offering.

Following the conference and part of the Global Marine Safety and Quality Campaign, ONE’s management visited and inspected more than 15 operated vessels in Singapore to accentuate the importance of navigation safety. Amid the inspection, the Master and Chief Engineer were engaged to analyze further measures that could be taken on board to achieve navigation safety excellency. ONE is also rolling out management vessel visits worldwide to reinforce marine navigation safety practices at a global scale.

Together with vessel crews’ extended efforts in safe and efficient operations, ONE upholds its core values of continuous quality service delivery and reliability to its valued customers.

Fonte: http://brazilmodal.com.br/2015/internacional/one-initiates-global-marine-safety-and-quality-campaign/