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Transport Air Cargo

Due to its price, availability and specific application, the air mode typically account for well under 1% of the national logistics matrix. Certain products or types of contractual delivery require precision and speed that can only be achieved through the use of air transport.

Cargo Road Transport

We are able to perform professional services in cargo transportation area FCL, LCL, including palletized, with excess cargo transportation by weight and / or size from import and / or export, Customs and Cabotage traffic.

Warehousing and Distribution

We work through local partnerships. We provide warehousing and distribution services to the Brazilian market. These local partnerships provide special and competitive prices, as well as follow-up schedule and recognized quality service.

Advice for Radar

Companies and individuals wishing to carry out normal import and export transactions in Brazil has a rule to require qualifying in the radar with the Federal Revenue of Brazil, being its first step to start the practice of foreign trade. Currently, any professional or regulated company and enabling Radar, regardless of its size (single, ME. EPP, S.A., etc.), can operate and benefit from international trade.

Maritime Cargo Transport

We work with maritime shipments FCL and LCL.
We offer regular departures to the biggest ports in the world, with weekly departures to Asia, the import service.
We have partnerships with leading global shipping companies, especially in the Asian market.

Bulk Cargo and Cargo Project

Each company has its strong point, or even the endorsement of the market in a particular service. The Turbocargo specializes in project cargo and bulk cargo in Brazil logistics planning and quality service operations are our advantages.

Customs Clearance

The customs clearance division Turbocargo, has staff with extensive expertise in advising and consulting customs in Brazil, able to analyze and prepare all documents of export processes and import with an advanced technology system, always considering the regulations of legislation Brazilian current and country.

Foreign Trade Consultancy

Administer the individuality of each shipment, each process, always according to your needs, it is fundamental in Turbocargo. The knowledge of our team consulting in foreign trade can add more agility and quality in its logistics in Brazil.


Coming from Fenícios Logistics, the Turbocargo comes with the ideology to be a quick solution in logistics and freight transport, especially shipping segment in Brazil. Excellence and speed – “Always Fast“. This is our north and you can rely on our experience in foreign trade to boost its logistics.

The Turbocargo has great knowledge and cargo transport for the Asian market, especially in Bulk Load processes, design and surpluses. You can count on our team to optimize its logistics project cargo transportation in air, rail, road and maritime shipping, or even in getting RADAR with the Federal Revenue and Customs clearance.


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