The Port of Gävle has experienced a positive development of containerized transports over the last 10 years, reaching an all-time high in 2017. In order to meet the increased demand, the Port of Gävle is investing—together with the terminal operator YILPORT—in an expansion which will double the container terminal capacity to 600,000 TEU (1 TEU corresponds to a 20-foot container).

The increased demand for containerized transports has enabled YILPORT to deviate from their original plan for the expanded container terminal to have wide-span cranes; to instead feature STS cranes. The STS cranes are faster with about 30 lifts per crane per hour, compared to the wide-span’s 20 lifts per hour. The STS cranes can also handle wider ships than the wide-span cranes.

“Over time, we have seen a large increase in volumes in Gävle, and the decision to get even more efficient cranes will greatly boost the competitiveness of Gävle Container Terminal,” says Håkan Bergström, Sales Manager at YILPORT Nordic.

The change to STS cranes requires additional reinforcement of the quayside. CYES Maritime Works is vastly experienced in this type of construction work. The company is specialized in port construction and is currently carrying out several similar assignments in Sweden, including in the Port of Trelleborg.
“We look forward to using our competence and experience in this project. It’s an exciting and fun assignment that will, according to the blueprints, result in a well laid out and highly efficient container terminal,” says Antonio Daban, CEO of CYES Sweden.

The area will be cordoned off within a few weeks and at the same time CYES will establish offices and get their staff in place. The plan is for the groundbreaking to take place in November.

“With this, Gävle grows as a port city and places the Port of Gävle firmly on the international map as a location for trade through import and export,” says Fredrik Svanbom, CEO of the Port of Gävle.

Source: YilPort