Warehouse near logistics group’s HQ on Zealand in Denmark will become its largest in northern Europe and ‘will be state-of-the-art and optimised in every way’.

Ambitious European logistics group DSV has unveiled plans to build a 150,000sqm warehouse, next to the DSV headquarters on Zealand in Denmark, that will become the group’s largest hub in northern Europe.

DSV described the facility as “a future gateway from Denmark to Scandinavia”. It said construction of the new facility was “well underway, no more than a few hundred metres from DSV Headquarters”, saying the first of four new buildings was expected to be open for business in early 2020.

Nikolaj Meyland-Smith, the group’s director of Solutions Warehouses in Denmark, said:

“This is going to be really big, and we’re doing everything we can to build and design the warehouses smart from the very beginning. Because we’re building a completely new facility and we are getting a lot of space, we have a unique possibility to tailor 3PL solutions and design warehouse space to suit specific needs. And we can do that using the latest available technology within the different logistics segments.”

He said solid infrastructure and short distances to port, airport and rail terminal “will help ensure efficient supply chains into the new logistics hub. Outgoing logistics to Scandinavia is ensured through DSV’s own network with around 500 trucks on regular routes from Denmark to Sweden, Norway and Finland.”

DSV said creating more room would increase productivity. And while the new site is under construction, Meyland-Smith and DSV Solutions “are researching the market for new innovative and automated resources to be part of creating economies of scale”.

Meyland-Smith noted: “The new site will be state-of-the-art and optimised in every way. Having this many square metres available, it’s not enough to tailor 3PL-solutions according to customer needs.

“With more than 150,000 sqm at our disposal, we have to deliver cost-efficient solutions that help our customers achieve the highest productivity possible. We will do that by utilising the many square metres in the warehouse optimally, and by harvesting synergies in our use of resources.”


Source: Lloyd’s

Fonte: http://brazilmodal.com.br/2015/internacional/dsv-unveils-plans-for-150000sqm-new-scandinavia-hub/